Registration is now closed.

Registration is now closed but if you would like to join us this Saturday for the conference and have not registered we will be able to take walk-in registrations the day of the conference March 10, 2018.

Thank you to the over 400 women who are already registered to attend.  We look forward to spending the day with you.

Donate Feminine Care Products

While you are out shopping this weekend or next week, don’t forget to pick up feminine care products to be donated to local agencies that serve women.  We will have a place for your donation near the registration area at the conference on March 10th.

Don’t forget to register.

After registering online you have the option of paying with a credit card online or mailing in a check for payment.

Registration deadline is March 1st. (Checks for payment can be mailed after the registration deadline.)

5 Things the mystics have taught me about motherhood


Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P./Flick


These people can help you live more simply, shake off insecurities, and be a better mother to your kids.

When I was suffering from postpartum depression, I sought solace in the Christian mystics as a way to find language for my own intense emotions. I live in an intentional community on a farm — a lifestyle that can feel radical at times. Because the Christian mystics often seem to linger on the fringes of society, religion — and sometimes even emotional health — they have given me perspective on my life and experiences. Here are five things I’ve learned from these mostly single and cloistered mystics about being a mother and caring for my family and community:

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